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Genny and Warren Garst Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the late Warren Garst in memory of his wife, Genny, to benefit undergraduate students in Computer Science, Zoology, and Mathematics. Genny taught computer programming at CSU and Warren was a long time photographer with Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. This scholarship is recognized as part of the philanthropic endeavors of the CSU Women's Association.
1) Enrolled full-time or part-time, with at least 6 credit hours each semester 2) Class status of sophomore or above 3) Enrolled as an undergraduate student in the College of Natural Sciences, majoring in Computer Science, Zoology, or Mathematics 4) Demonstrate financial need as established by the Office of Student Financial Services of CSU 5) Maintain an overall 3.5 GPA 6) Preference shall be given to students who demonstrate participation in community and/or civic activities 7) Preference shall also be given to non-traditional students (Scholarship shall be renewable for two additional academic years, if the recipient continues to meet all required criteria)
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
Student Class(es):
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior