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The Private Funding Opportunity (PFO) Database contains a calendar of corporate, foundation and association funding opportunities that are targeted for CSU College of Natural Sciences faculty members. .

Name Department Interests
Abdel-Ghany, Salah Biology cell biology, environmental stresses, molecular biology, plant biology, plant engineering
Abdo, Zaid Biology computational biology, genetic data collection, genomics, microbial communities
Achter, Jeff Mathematics ecology, evolution, geometry, number theory, mathematics
Ackerfield, Jennifer Biology
Ackerson, Christopher Chemistry biological chemistry, biological imaging, imaging, inorganic chemistry, nanoparticles, materials chemistry
Adams, Alex N Biology
Adams, Henry Mathematics combinatorial topology, computational topology, geometry, mathematics, sensor networks, topology
Albaqami, Mohammed Biology
Allen, Anna Chemistry
Alles, Steven Chemistry
Aloise-Young, Patricia Psychology adolescence, alcohol, health psychology, interventions, psychology, social influence, tobacco, social psychology, consumer behavior
Ambrosio, Andrea Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Amburg, Marti Psychology psychology
Anderson, Lorinda Biology biology, evolution, meiosis, synapsis, genetics, chromosomes, recombination, chromosome painting
Anderson, Oren Chemistry
Anderson, Chuck Computer Science bioinformatics, brain-computer interfaces, climate informatics, computer science, reinforcement learning
Anderson, Jana Statistics statistics, statistics education
Angeloni, Lisa Biology animal behavior, conservation biology, evolution, fish hatcheries, gene flow, noise ecology, organismal biology, ecology, evolutionary biology
Angert, Amy Biology
Antolin, Michael Biology biology, ecology, genetics, infectious diseases, mating systems, organismal biology, evolutionary biology
Antunes, Mauricio Biology biology, genetic engineering, plant biochemistry, plant biology, plant cells, plant physiology, synthetic biology, transgenics, cell biology, molecular biology
Applin, Jack Computer Science computer engineering, computer science
Aristoff, David Mathematics mathematical physics, mathematics, metastability, numerical analysis, percolation, phase transtitions
Bailey, Travis Chemistry biological engineering, chemical engineering, fuel cells, photovoltaics, sensing devices, thermodynamics, biological chemistry
Balgopal, Meena Biology biology, K-12 education, organismal biology, science education, ecology, evolutionary biology
Bamburg, James Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Alzheimer's disease, biochemistry, molecular biology, neurodegenerative disease, neuroscience, Huntington's disease
Bandar, Jeffrey Chemistry organic chemistry, catalysis, synthesis, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemistry
Bangerth, Wolfgang Mathematics mathematics, numerical analysis, scientific computing, software
Barisas, George Chemistry bioanalytical chemistry, cellular immunology, imaging, microcalorimetry, optics and lasers
Bartlett, Debbie Computer Science
Bates, Dan Mathematics geometry, mathematics, numerical analysis, scientific computing
Bedinger, Patricia (Pat) Biology biofuels, biology, evolution, molecular biology, plants, ecology, evolutionary biology
Ben-Hur, Asa Computer Science bioinformatics, machine learning, computer science
Benoit, Steve Mathematics cell dynamics, lasers, mathematics, numerical analysis, distance learning, photonic crystals
Bernstein, Barbara Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Bernstein, Elliot Chemistry chemistry, energy, catalysis, energetic materials, biological systems, hydrogen-bonded systems
Betten, Anton Mathematics coding theory, design theory, mathematics, combinatorics
Beveridge, J. Ross Computer Science computer vision, model matching, artificial intelligence, computer science
Bieman, James Computer Science software design, software engineering, software reuse, computer science
Bohm, Anton Computer Science algorithms, computer science, parallel computing, compilers, embedded systems
Boot, Claudia Chemistry
Borch, Thomas Chemistry chemistry, organic soil contaminants, soil and crop sciences, analytical chemistry
Borrayo, Evelinn Psychology chronic disease, health behavior, health psychology, psychology, counseling, low-income populations
Bradley, Mark Physics applied mathematics, materials, materials science, nanomaterials, nanomaterials synthesis, nanostructured materials, thin film deposition, thin films and nanotechnology
Bradley, R. Mark Mathematics mathematics, physics, materials, nanotechnology
Breidt, F. Jay Statistics natural resource monitoring, statistical inference, survey analysis, survey design, statistics
Brett, Burkhart Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Brown, Mark Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, molecular oncology, small molecule drug development
Buchanan, Kristen Physics magnets, nanomagnets, numerical modeling, physics, spin dynamics, spintronics, materials science, nanotechnology, optics
Buchanan, Norm Physics high-energy physics, neutrino interactions, neutrinos, physics
Burns, Patrick Mathematics
Bush, Daniel (Dan) R Biology biofuels, biology, cell biology, crop productivity, molecular biology, plant genetics, resource allocation, organismal biology
Byerley, Cameron Mathematics mathematics, mathematics education
Byrne, Zinta Psychology employee engagement, I/O psychology, STEM education, organization culture, psychology
Canetto, Silvia Psychology counseling psychology, social and health psychology, suicidal behaviors, psychology
Cavalieri, Renzo Mathematics algebraic geometry, moduli spaces, mathematics, geometry
Chappell, Kelly Mathematics mathematics education, mathematics
Chavez, Ernest Psychology academic achievement, adolescent issues, minority issues, STEM education, substance use, psychology
Chen, Chaoping Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cell biology, HIV-1, molecular biology, retrovirus assembly, biochemistry
Chen, Eugene Chemistry biomass fuel, catalytic chemistry, materials chemistry, polymer chemistry, renewable materials, sustainability, inorganic chemistry
Chen, Hua Physics low-dimensional materials, materials physics, noncollinear magnetism, physics, spin-orbit coupling, topological superconductivity, condensed matter
Cheney, Margaret Mathematics electromagnetics, inverse problems, radar imaging, mathematics
Chitsaz, Hamid Computer Science computer science, genomics, robotics, synthetic biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, algorithms, motion planning, mobile robotics
Choi, Yun Seok Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Chong, Edwin Mathematics optimization, wireless systems, electrical engineering, mathematics, communication
Chung, Jean Chemistry
Cleary, Anne Psychology cognitive psychology, human memory, memory, psychology
Clegg, Benjamin Psychology cognitive psychology, implicit learning, psychology, situation awareness
Cleveland, Jeanette Psychology aging in the workplace, HR, I/O psychology, human resources, psychology, women in the workplace
Cohen, Bob Biochemistry & Molecular Biology biochemistry, molecular biology, protein degradation, yeast genetics, cancer biology, deubiquitination
Conner, Bradley (Brad) Psychology behavior disorders, clinical psychology, drug abuse, genetics, genomics, impulsive behavior disorders, psychology
Cooley, Dan Statistics environmental statistics, spatial statistics, climate change, statistics, extreme values
Crain, Tori Psychology I/O psychology, occupational health psychology, sleep and fatigue, stress interventions, work family balance, occupational stress, psychology
Crans, Debbie Chemistry Alzheimer's disease, bioinorganic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, mass spectroscopy, biological chemistry
Dangelmayr, Gerhard Mathematics mathematics, neural networks, pattern analysis, pattern formation, dynamic systems
Davalos, Deana Psychology clinical neuroscience, temporal processing, memory, psychology, neuroscience
de la Venta, Jose Physics magnetics, nano-length scales, physics
DeLosh, Edward Psychology cognitive psychology, human learning, memory, psychology
DeLuca, Jennifer (Jake) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology birth defects, cancer, chromosome segregation, biochemistry, molecular biology
DeLuca, Keith Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Dewey, Tanya Biology biology, education research, conservation, species delimitation, phylogeographic patterns, north american bats
Di Pietro, Santiago Biochemistry & Molecular Biology biophysics, cell biology, genetics, disease research, biochemistry, molecular biology
Dik, Bryan Psychology counseling psychology, sense of purpose in the workplace, career development, psychology, vocational psychology, career counseling
Draper, Bruce Computer Science computer science, computer vision, machine learning, video analysis
Drayton, Jennifer Physics
Duflot, Jeanne Mathematics algebra, algebraic geometry, K-theory, mathematics
Duval, Dawn L Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, osteosarcoma, breast cancer, carcinogenesis, metastasis
Ehrlich, Diana Computer Science
Ellis, Jessica (Jess) Mathematics calculus, math education, mathematics
Emanouilov, Oleg Mathematics inverse problems, mathematics, differential equations
Essert, Deborah Psychology psychology
Estep, Don Statistics error estimation, inverse problems, multiphysics problems, statistics
Eykholt, Richard Physics nonlinear dynamics, physics, theory of chaos, weather systems
Fairbank, William Physics Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay experiments, physics, lasers
Farmer, Delphine Chemistry atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, mass spectrometry, pesticides, analytical chemistry
Febvre, Hallie Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Field, Stuart Physics dynamic flow patterns, spatial information, magnetics, physics
Finke, Richard Chemistry biological chemistry, chemical catalysis, energy, inorganic chemistry, kinetics, nanoparticles, materials chemistry
Fisher, Ellen Chemistry analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, material etching, molecular beams, plasma chemistry, plasma polymerization, radical reactivity, inorganic chemistry
Fisher, Gwenith Psychology I/O psychology, occupational health psychology, parental leave, retirement, psychology, aging workforce
Florant, Gregory (Greg) Biology animal adaptation, biology, environmental biology, hibernation, metabolism, organismal biology
Fosdick, Bailey Statistics social science data, statistical analysis of network data, statistics
Freeman, Hilary Mathematics calculus, mathematics
Funk, Chris Biology biology, climate change, conservation biology, endangered species, evolutionary ecology, gene flow, genomics, organismal biology, population genetics, evolutionary biology
Garrity, Deborah (Debbie) Biology biology, cardiac research, embryonic heart, heart function, microscopy and imaging, cell biology, molecular biology
Garza, Sarah J Statistics simulations, spatial statistics, biostatics in wildlife, ecology, population dynamics
Gelfand, Martin Physics condensed matter theory, physics
Gersch, Joe Computer Science systems security
Ghalambor, Cameron Biology adaptation, behavioral ecology, biology, ecology, integrative biology, organismal biology, evolutionary biology
Ghosh, Sudipto Computer Science computer science, software development, software engineering, software testing
Gibbons, Alyssa Psychology I/O psychology, job performance, work culture, psychology
Gingerich, Karla Psychology psychology, counseling, children and families, developmental disabilities
Graham, Dan Psychology exercise and nutrition, health psychology, healthy eating, physical activity, social psychology, psychology, eye tracking, nutrition
Gray, Terry Chemistry
Hansen, Jeff Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, DNA repair, Rhett Syndrome, transcription, biochemistry, molecular biology
Harman, Jennifer Psychology health psychology, HIV, intimate relationships, parental alienation, program evaluation, social psychology, psychology
Harton, John Physics dark matter detection, astrophysics, physics
Heasley, Lydia Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Heaslip, Grace Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Henry, Chuck Chemistry biosensors, capillary electrophoresis, chemical separations, environmental chemistry, microfluidics, microscale bioanalytical chemistry, analytical chemistry
Henry, Kimberly (Kim) Psychology bullying, health psychology, social psychology, suicidal ideation, psychology
Hess, Ann Statistics bioinformatics, statistical consulting, statistics
Ho, Shing Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, computational biology, drug design, biochemistry, molecular biology
Hodges, Amy Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hoeting, Jennifer Statistics computational statistics, ecological problems, statistics
Hoke, Kim Biology anti-predator behavior, behavioral evolution, biology, cell biology, molecular biology, neural evolution, neurobiology, organismal biology, ecology, evolutionary biology
Hooten, Mevin B Statistics bayesian methods, hierarchical models, ecology, environmental modeling, conservation biology
Huang, Liangqun Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hulpke, Alexander Mathematics computational group theory, mathematics, number theory, combinatorics, symbolic computation, discrete mathematics
Jablonski, Jay Physics
Jayasumana, Anura P Computer Science computer and communcation networking, computer science, design testing, digital systems, electrical engineering, computer engineering
Jiang, Yujing Statistics
Jones, Brian Physics K-12 education, Little Shop of Physics, physics
Kanatous, Shane Biology biology, cell biology, extreme environment biology, molecular biology, muscle adaptations, oxygen metabolism, physiology, organismal biology
Karolien, Denef Chemistry
Kassenbrock, Ken Biology mycology, wild food
Kato, Takanitsu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, molecular and radiological bioscience, particle radiation therapy, DNA damage/repair, small animal radiobiology, phytochemical research
Keller, Joshua Statistics
Kennan, Alan Chemistry catalytic peptides, molecular recognition, synthetic receptors, biological chemistry
Kennedy, Paul Mathematics mathematics education, mathematics, STEM center
Kirby, Michael Mathematics applied mathematics, computational mathematics, mathematical modeling, mathematics, pattern analysis, image processing
Knapp, Alan Biology biology, climate change, invasive plant species, plant ecology, plant physiology, restoration ecology, evolutionary biology
Kokoszka, Piotr Statistics asymptotic theory, time series analysis, statistics
Kraiger, Kurt Psychology I/O psychology, mentoring, online training, aging workforce
Krueger, David Physics LIDAR technology, ozone pollutants, physics
Krummel, Amber Chemistry condensed phase systems, spectroscopy, biological chemistry
LaRue, Susan M Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, Experimental therapeutics, hyperthermia, tumor physiology, tumor cytogenetics
Laughman, Ingrid Chemistry
Laybourn, Paul Biochemistry & Molecular Biology gene regulation, T-Cell leukemia, transcription in chromatin, biochemistry, molecular biology, medical research
Lee, Siu Au Physics atom interferometry, laser tests, physics, quantum computing, laser manipulation, nano-lithography
Levinger, Nancy Chemistry condensed phase systems, molecular assemblies, neutron scattering, spectroscopy, materials chemistry
Liu, Jiangguo (James) Mathematics numerical analysis, scientific computing, mathematics
Lockwood, Dale Biology biology, GES, ecological genetics, ecology
Lundeen, Stephen Physics excited states of atoms, spectroscopy, physics
MacFarland, Kerry Chemistry
Machihara, Satoshi Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Malaiya, Yashwant Computer Science computer science, hardware testing, quantitative security, software testing
Markus, Steven Biochemistry & Molecular Biology birth defects, cancer biology, genetics, molecular biology, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, medical research, biochemistry
Matthews, Dave Computer Science computer science
McConnell, Ross Computer Science algorithms, bioinformatics, graph theory, computer science
McConnell, Ross M Mathematics algorithms, bioinformatics, combinatorial, graph theory, scheduling theory
McCullagh, Martin Chemistry computational chemistry, theoretical chemistry, biology, energy transduction, self-assembly, protein-DNA complexes
McKee, Sophie Statistics
McLaughlin, Ken Mathematics approximation theory, nonlinear waves, mathematics, matrix theory
McNally, Andrew Chemistry organic synthesis, organic catalysis, synthetic chemistry, catalytic reactions, renewable resources
Medford, June Biology biofuels, biology, cell biology, molecular biology, pattern formation, plant synthetic biology, plant traits, organismal biology
Mentele, Mallory
Meyer, Mary C Statistics statistics, nonparametric functions, density estimation, shape-restricted interference
Mick, Jeanne Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Mies, Kassy Chemistry
Minamide, Laurie Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Miyake, Garret Chemistry additive manufacturing, catalysis, materials science, photonic crystals, polymer chemistry, materials chemistry
Montgomery, Tai Biology bioinformatics, biology, genomics, molecular biology, regulation of gene expression, cell biology
Mooney, Michael Physics physics, neutrinos, particle detection
Moore, Janice Biology animal behavior, biology, ecology, evolution, organismal biology, phylogeny, evolutionary biology
Moreno, Laura Computer Science computer science, mining software repositories, program comprehension, software analysis, software engineering, software evolution, software maintenance, systems engineering
Morey, Kevin Biology biology, plant biodetectors, signal transduction, cell biology, molecular biology
Morisaki, Tatsuya Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Mueller, Rachel Biology biology, cell biology, genome biology, genomes, molecular biology, molecular evolution, nuclear genomes, organismal biology, evolutionary biology
Mueller, Jennifer Mathematics biomedical engineering, inverse problems, medical imaging, cancer, cancer research, mathematics
Munoz-Alicea, Roberto Mathematics differential equations, mathematics, modeling, biology, scientific computing, stochastic processes
Mykles, Don Biology bioinformatics, biology, cell biology, crustaceans, limb regeneration, molecular biology, organismal biology
Naug, Dhruba Biology biology, cognitive ecology, ecology, organismal biology, parasitism, social behavior, evolutionary biology
Neilson, James Chemistry chemistry, inorganic chemistry, inorganic materials, magnetism, materials chemistry, solid-state reactions
Nerger, Janice (Jan) Psychology cognitive neuroscience, vision, color vision, psychology
Neuwald, Jennifer Biology biology, conservation, demographics, ecology, evolution, genetic variation, genomic variation, organismal biology, evolutionary biology
Nielsen, Aaron Statistics
Nishimura, Erin Osborne Biochemistry & Molecular Biology genome sequencing, human development, human diseases, biochemistry, molecular biology
Nishimura, Marc Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Nyborg, Jennifer Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, leukemia, leukemia cells, virology, biochemistry, molecular biology
Olivo-Delgado, Carlos Chemistry
Olsen, Michael Chemistry
Oprea, Iuliana Mathematics fluid dynamics, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, pattern formation, mathematics
Opsomer, Jean Statistics environmental statistics, nonparametric statistics, survey statistics, statistics
Ortega, Francisco Computer Science gesture-recognition, virtual reality
Pallickara, Sangmi Computer Science big data, computer science, metadata, metadata management, storage retrievals
Pallickara, Shrideep Computer Science cloud computing, computer science, distributed systems, parallel algorithms, streaming systems
Papadopoulos, Christos Computer Science computer science, network architecture, network security, immersive systems
Partridge, Craig Computer Science data networking, wireless networks
Pasricha, Sudeep Computer Science computer science, electrical and computer engineering, embedded systems, mobile computing, high performance computing, computer architecture, CAD algorithms
Patel, Amit Mathematics mathematics, applied topology
Paton, Robert Chemistry organic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, catalysis, renewable energy, quantum chemistry
Paul, Kacy Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Peers, Graham Biology cell biology, ecology, environmental adversity, molecular biology, photosynthesis, organismal biology
Peersen, Olve Biochemistry & Molecular Biology poliovirus, viral replication, biochemistry, molecular biology, virus
Peterson, Chris Mathematics algebraic geometry, pattern analysis, mathematics
Pezeshki, Ali Mathematics signal processing, coding theory, harmonic analysis, bioimaging, electrical engineering
Pilgrim, Mary Mathematics mathematics education, mathematics
Pilon, Marinus Biology biology, cell biology, crop productivity, molecular biology, molecular biology of plants, photosynthesis, renewable biofuels, organismal biology
Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth Biology biology, cell biology, environmental pollutants, molecular biology, organismal biology, plant physiology, plants, ecology, evolutionary biology
Pinaud, Olivier Mathematics inverse problems, quantum transport, mathematics
Piyaratne, Panduka Chemistry
Poff, LeRoy Biology aquatic ecology, biology, climate change, freshwater sustainability, hydrology, ecology, evolutionary biology
Pouchet, Louis-Noel Computer Science computer science, immersive systems, machine learning, network security, networks, optimizing compilers, parallel systems, high performance computing
Prabhu, Vinayak Computer Science cyber-physical systems, formal methods, hybrid systems, verification and control
Pratt, Deborah Psychology psychology, trauma, trauma assessments, youth
Prenni, Jessica Biochemistry & Molecular Biology bioinformatics, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, biochemistry, molecular biology
Pries, Rachel Mathematics arithmetic geometry, number theory, mathematics
Prieto, Amy Chemistry batteries, chemistry, electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, renewable energy, solid-state chemistry, materials chemistry
Prince, Mark Psychology addiction, interventions, substance abuse, treatment of substance abuse
Prytherch, Ben Statistics
Radebaugh, Cathy Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Raines, Karen Biology biology, zoology
Rajopadhye, Sanjay Computer Science mathematics, parallel algorithms, recurrence equations, parallel computing, computer architecture, embedded systems, application specific VLSI Processors
Rappe, Anthony (Tony) Chemistry chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, materials chemistry
Ravishankara, A.R. (Ravi) Chemistry air quality, atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric science, climate change, environmental issues, smoke warning system, analytical chemistry
Ray, Indrajit Computer Science cloud security, computer science, computer security, network security, security modeling, database systems, transaction processing, workflow systems, security protocols, e-commerce protocols
Ray, Indrakshi Computer Science computer science, cybersecurity, database systems, software assurance, software engineering, formal methods, e-commerce protocols
Reddy, A.S.N. (Reddy) Biology biofuels, biology, cell biology, cellular processes, disease resistance, molecular biology, organismal biology, plant molecular biology, ecology, evolutionary biology
Reynolds, Melissa Chemistry analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, biomaterials, biomedical engineering, chemistry, medical devices, polymer chemistry, tissue engineering, inorganic chemistry
Rhodes, Matthew Psychology cognitive psychology, memory, memory and aging, aging, psychology
Richards, Tracy Psychology psychology
Rickard, Kathryn Psychology clinical psychology, exercise and nutrition, food disorders, health psychology, hypothyroidism, obesity, psychology
Roberts, Jacob (Jake) Physics ultracold plasma physics, plasma physics, physics
Robinson, R. Steve Physics electric space propulsion, ion beams, physics
Rocca, Jorge Physics lasers, plasmas, quantum electronics, physics
Rojas, Don Psychology autism, brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience, developmental disorders, schizophrenia, psychology
Rosen, Lee Psychology ADHD, autism, behavior disorders, child psychotherapy, counseling psychology, disruptive behavior disorders, psychology
Ross, Eric Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, prion dieases, amyloid diseases, biochemistry, molecular biology
Ross, Kate Physics magnetic excitation, quantum magnetism, neuron scattering, magnetism, physics
Ryan, Elizabeth Biochemistry & Molecular Biology radiation cancer biology, oncology, enteric disease, cancer control/prevention, pediatrics, food security, food systems
Salkeld, Dan Biology biology, ecology, infectious disease, lyme disease, wildlife ecology
Sambur, Justin Chemistry analytical chemistry, nanomaterials, renewable energy, solar energy, materials chemistry
Samer, Lois Mathematics molecular genetics, mathematics
Santangelo, Tom Biochemistry & Molecular Biology biofuels, archaeal transcription, biochemistry, molecular biology
Say, Benjamin Computer Science
Scharf, Louis Mathematics statistical signal processing, wireless communication, mathematics
Scherman, Hataichanok Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Scofidio, Elizabeth Statistics
Seger, Carol Psychology cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, functional MRI, learning and memory, memory, psychology
Sharp, Ben Statistics sustainability, data analysis, sustainability metrics
Sharp, Julia Statistics categorical data analysis, generalized linear mixed models
Shaw, Alisa Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Shi, Yian Chemistry organic chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, bioactive molecules, chemistry
Shipman, Patrick Mathematics differential equations, mathematical biology, patterns, mathematics
Shoemaker, Mark Mathematics algebraic geometry, mathematical physics, Gromov-Witten theory, geometry, mathematics
Shonkwiler, Clayton Mathematics differential geometry, polymer models, knot theory, geometry, mathematics
Shores, Matthew Chemistry chemical sensing, electron spin, inorganic chemistry, magnetic materials, materials chemistry, chemistry
Siegel, H. J. Computer Science computer science, electrical and computer engineering, parallel processing, architectures, algorithms, networks, distributed computing, heterogeneous computing
Sieker, Fritz Computer Science
Simmons, Mark Biology biology, evolutionary relationships, organismal biology, phylogeny, ecology, evolutionary biology
Sites, James (Jim) Physics semiconductor physics, solar cells, solar-cell losses, physics, solar energy
Sloan, Dan Biology biology, cell biology, genome evolution, genomics, insects, molecular biology, molecular evolution, plants, ecology, evolutionary biology
Smith, Melinda Biology biological invasions, biology, climate change, human-caused global changes, plant ecology, ecology, evolutionary biology
Smith Thomas, Lonnie Chemistry
Snow, Christopher Chemistry biological chemistry, computational protein engineering, directed evolution, materials chemistry
Somers, Patty Chemistry
Song, Aixin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Stack, Stephen Biology biology, genomics, meiosis, spatial distribution, cell biology, molecular biology
Stallones, Lorann Psychology agricultural health and safety, mindfulness, social psychology, suicidal ideation, well-being in the workplace, psychology
Stargell, Laurie Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, gene expression, K-12 outreach, yeast genetics, medical research, biochemistry, molecular biology, cancer
Stasevich, Tim Biochemistry & Molecular Biology cancer biology, gene expression, cancer, cancer research, biochemistry, molecular biology
Steger, Mike F. Psychology health psychology, meaning of life, psychological well-being, purpose of life, social psychology, psychology
Steingraeber, David Biology biology, evolutionary ecology, organismal biology, plant ecology, plants, population biology, evolutionary biology
Strauss, Steven Chemistry analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, nanoelectronics, batteries, chemistry
Swaim, Randall C Psychology cross-cultural substance use, quantitative methodology, ethics
Szamel, Grzegorz Chemistry materials chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, chemistry
Tavener, Simon Mathematics numerical solution, parametrization, multi-scale problems, mathematics
Thomas, Michael Psychology aging, psychosis, neuroimaging, psychometrics, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience
Toki, Walter Physics neutrino interactions, particle physics, physics
Tompkins, Sara Anne Psychology conflict resolution, psychology history, psychology systems
Tucker, Ruth Chemistry
Turk, Phil Statistics adaptive cluster sampling, statistical computing, statistics
Van Orden, Alan Chemistry analytical chemistry, laser spectroscopy, optical sensors, physical chemistry, solar photovoltaics, biological chemistry
Volbrecht, Vicki Psychology cognitive neuroscience, color vision, vision, psychology
von Fischer, Joe Biology biology, climate change, ecology, ecosystem ecology, greenhouse gas, methane, methane detection, methane emissions, natural gas leaks, evolutionary biology
Wakefield, Russell Computer Science
Wall, Diana Biology biology, carbon cycling, ecosystem ecology, extreme environments, organismal biology, soil biodiversity, soil fertility, evolutionary biology, ecology
Wang, Haonan Statistics big data analytics, pattern recognition, spatial statistics, statistical analysis, data analysis, statistics
Warner, Dave Physics
Warnock, Andrew K-12 STEM, education outreach, science education, STEM kits
Webb, Colleen Biology biology, ecological evolution, ecosystem disturbance, ecosystems, extinction, genomics, ecology, evolutionary biology
Weller, Zach Statistics statistics, statistical education, bayesian statistics, spatial statistics, nonparametric statistics, ecology
Whitley, Darrell Computer Science artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, machine learning, computer science
Wickens, Chris Psychology applied cognition, cognitive psychology, decision making, psychology, attention
Wiggan, O'Neil Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Williams, Robert Chemistry biological chemistry, cancer, cancer biology, cancer research, infectious diseases, medical research, microbiology, organic chemistry, synthetic materials
Wilson, James Mathematics computation, finite groups, algebra, duality theory, mathematics
Wilson, Robert (Bob) J. Physics neutrino interactions, properties of neutrinos, high energy physics, physics
Wilson, Ander Statistics bayesian statistics, cofounder selection, model uncertainty, environmental statistics, public health, air pollution, epidemiology
Witt, Jessica (Jessie) Psychology cognitive psychology, perception, psychology, spatial vision, vision, visual perception, visualizations
Wu, Mingzhong Physics magnetism, magnetization dynamics, nonlinear spin waves, spintronics, spin waves, physics
Yao, Tingting Biochemistry & Molecular Biology chromatin dynamics, gene expression, regulation of gene expression
Yost, Dylan Physics precision ultraviolet spectroscopy, high resolution atom spectroscopy
Zadrozny, Joseph Chemistry inorganic chemistry, magnetic resonance sensing, organic chemistry, photoredox catalysis, materials chemistry
Zhang, Qian Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Zhou, Yongcheng Mathematics numerical methods for PDEs, mathematical biology, fluid dynamics
Zhou, Wen Statistics bioinformatics, computational biology, inverse problems, statistical genomics, statistical machine learning